Baccalaureate Units and lessons

Baccalaureate units and lessons

English National exams

English National exams

Writing example for National Exam

Writing examples for national exam


How to express certainty and Uncertainty

How to express certainty and Uncertainty Certainty is the state of being sure of or about something. On the other hand, Uncertainty is the when you...

The simple present tense

  The simple present tense This lesson covers all the different forms of the simple present tense, ranging from affirmative , negative to interrogative. It also provides...

Expressing lack of understanding

Expressing lack of understanding and asking for clarification 1- Expressing lack of understanding. It is a situation...

Making complaint

 Making complaint What is a complaint A complaint is expressing displeasure or discontent about a situation or...

Making and responding to request

Making and responding to request A request is asking someone to do a favor or for...

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Lesson plans for teachers

Lesson plans for teachers

lesson plans for teachers Below are different lesson plans for teachers. they are courtesy of other teachers who kindly accepted to share their materials with...
9th grade lesson plans for teachers

9th grade lesson plans for teachers

9th grade lesson plans for teachers These are lesson plans for the 9th grade English class ( التاسعة اعدادي). They can be used as samples...