2nd Baccalaureate


  1. Hi Mr. Nabil.
    Could you please delete the email (….lolhippy@…) as well as the comment?
    I get emails from anonymous ppl. Please delete my comment as well as the email.
    Thank you.

  2. ملاحظة صغيرة .لو سمحت اخي.الوحدة العاشرة هي نفسها ثم تكرارها ،نسيانا ربما، في الحدة التاسعة.الوحدة التاسعة لا توجد اذن.شكرا جزيلا لرحابة صدرك و بارك الله فيك نبيل موفق باذن الله ..

  3. جزاك الله عنا كل خير اخانا نبيل.لقد قمت بعمل نبيل حقا .تستحق كل التقدير يا اخي.

  4. Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am to you dear professor. thanks a lot for this fruitful work 🙂

  5. Thanks for this wonderful job. I just want to make a notice about unit 9 (ticket to English) the content is about Brain Drain while it should be about Science and Technology.

  6. hello mr nabil i would like to thank u cause of ur help the tudents and begnners techers ,but ihave a quetion about the method of using linking words to get a good essay or paragraph

  7. GREAT job you re doing here!What I liked most is your stress on the important parts of each unit.What is lacking perhaps is giving more importance to the theme /topic of the units.I mean ideas /controversial arguments/opinions/statistics /pictures/cartoons that would help ss get started .THIS IS MY 28th year of teaching and I think you re doing just GREAT;MANY THANKS


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