Nabil Sbaybi

y passion with English has started since my first year in high school, back in the early 90’s. I had a so inspiring teacher who devoted his time and energy to teaching us, little youngsters at that time. And because of him, I decided to be an English teacher. Which is the case now.

I started teaching in 2004 after I got my BA degree in English from Kenitra. These days I am pursuing a Master’s degree in English too in the same university. I am interested in implementing ICT in learning and bringing the best to my students, whom I do love and consider as my kids. This interest was behind the creation of this website



  1. Hi MR.Nabil , i hope things are going well for u , i just wanted to ask u a question , does the following expression ” i can’t argue with that ” mean agreement or disagreement ? ( i’m sure it means agreement but my teacher said it means the opposite )

  2. salam brother Nabil
    i am an english teacher too in marrakech i hope you are in good shape and mood as well.
    i just want to ask you plz if u have any material to prepare for “echelle 11”
    waiting for replay till then plz accept my best regards.
    my facebook acount is;

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