English National Exams


  1. hi sir thaank you indeed about your effort to help us .
    I am going to be a teacher soon and I wonder if you could help me by sending me some courses concerning the common stream and 1st year bac. as well as some lesson planning .
    thank you in advance.
    have a great day sir.

  2. Hello Sir, I really wanted to improve my english and practise it , My problem is even if I construct sentences or texts I can’t notice if my production is sound without mistakes so thank you for the defferent lessons here specially the grammar ones so good luck to you and to me too because I need this hardly foe my baccalauriate . many thanks again ^^

  3. one of the very rare attempts to enhace and boost teachers experience as to teaching english as a foreign laguage in morocco.i hope all the success for this website.good luck.

  4. Thank you M.Nabil for your noble goal that I believe rarely seeked in the groups of teachers. Sir, I am glad of your site and of those exams, organised in a wonderful smooth way, and I hope for your site the bloom and for your goal to be satisfied and even overpass it to other levels of success. You cannot tell how I am delighted of such site, being Moroccan, something rare to see.


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