Grammar Exercises


  1. it ‘s dishonest what youy are doing . you are taking exercises from easy bac prep and another book and you give students the impression that these exercises are yours. What a shame man

    • You waste money, energy and time (and I guess you know that time brings money with English) to create a website to help students, and then comes an anonymous to tell you: oh, it’s dishonest.The dishonest ya Habibi l anonymous is your hasty and quick-tempered comment.
      Because you didn’t pay attention that I credit every the writer in all of that stuff I use in the website and esay bac prep is of no exception

      More than that, The writer of the book you referred to put it under public domain (he has claimed no rights) and that’s why I sometimes used it (because of the great experience of the writer) as I thought it will be of a paramount importance to students.
      The last point dear anonymous is that why do I have to impress students? what am I going to benefit from that? If I were to benefit I would link the website to AdSense or put advertisements in it. Which is not the case. This website, dear anonymous was free, is free and will be free, because it was done for the sake of Allah.
      ولا نريد منكم جزاءا ولا شكورا.

      • dont reply to such comments . go ahead . what is more important is that students and teachers beneift from it

      • Do you what dear colleague? Don’t pay attention to such rubbish thoughts, go ahead instead and may ALLAH grant you patience, health and ALLAH ‘s رضى.
        Warm regards
        Naima an Algerian english teacher

  2. piece of advice in a form of question
    what does the quran say about comunicating with girls under any circumstances!!!!????
    don’t worry man since we are required to offer such reflections to correct our path

  3. Thank you Mr. Nabil for such great help you provide. I was looking for good samples of lesson plans and discovered your website; it is really something that will help in making the work easier.

    Highly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hello, Hicham. Alhamdolilah, The objective was and is to give a helping hand to others. Could you please tell me what were you looking for and how did you come across the website? because it helps me develop content and search optimization.

  4. Teacher nabil i hope from Allah to give you the longe age and a good health Enchae’Allah , for this good work that you do to help us . Thank you teacher.


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