Expressing opinion

Expressing opinion These are expressions that can help you in asking or giving/expressing opinion about a subject. Asking about opinion What do you think about…. In...

Common Core test 02

Common Core test 02 Global Test This is Latifa’s timetable for the week: Morning Afternoon Evening Monday Teach Teach Phone home Watch film on TV Tuesday Teach Teach Phone home Write lessons Wednesday Teach Stay at home Clean the bedroom Phone home Prepare lessons Thursdday Teach Shopping Phone home Write...

Making and responding to request

Making and responding to request A request is asking someone to do a favor or for...


Functions or Communicative functions are ready-made sentences that help you communicate in an accurate way....

Asking for and giving advice

Asking for and giving advice Asking for and giving advice can be done with different methods....

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Lesson plans for teachers

Lesson plans for teachers

Lesson plans for teachers Below are different lesson plans for teachers. they are courtesy of other teachers who kindly accepted to share their materials with others. The aim of this page is to help novice...


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