2 bac – global tests

global tests

 2 bac – global tests

These global tests are meant to evaluate especially 2 Bac, EFL and ESL learners in their :

  • Reading skills
  • Grammar knowledge
  • Writing capabilities
  • Vocabulary
  • Functions

Most of them have their key answers and ready to be printed. Some of them are other teachers’ contributions.

  1. Girl’s education in Bombay
  2. The importance of English.
  3. Sustainable development.
  4. Types of Education.
  5. UNICEF.
  6. Brain drain.
  7. Citizenship.
  8. Sustainable development.
  9. Commercialism.
  10. Morning laughter in china.
  11. A cell phone? Never for me.
  12. Water for life.
  13. A brilliant athlete
  14. Youth and social media
  15. CAN 2017


  1. Thanks a lot Mr Nabil. It’s really kind of you to provide us with such interesting data concerning tests and exams. Good luck.
    Malika Oubihi from Mohammedia.


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