9th grade lesson plans for teachers
9th grade lesson plans for teachers

9th grade lesson plans for teachers

These are lesson plans for the 9th grade English class ( التاسعة اعدادي). They can be used as samples to build other lesson plans. The book used here is FOCUS. They are the contribution of a generous teacher who didn’t want to reveal his name. What I did was simply rearranging them and uploading them to my website.

NB: They can be used for other textbooks too as the themes are the same.

Unit 1 : communication

Unit 1 –  Grammar (verb to be in simple present)

Unit 1 – Study skills – vocabulary ( greetings)

Unit 1 – Skills work

Unit 1 – Cultural studies

Unit 1 – Review

Unit 2 – Communication

Unit 2 – Grammar – to be

Unit 2 – Study Skills (school vocabulary+capitalization)

Review unit 2

Unit 3  grammar – simple present

Unit 3  Family vocabulary

Unit 3 – communication

Unit 3 – Skills Work

Unit 3 – review

Unit 4 – Communication

Unit 4 – Grammar – auxiliary to do – countable and uncountable nouns

Unit 4 – Vocabulary

Unit 5 – Communication

Unit 5 – Grammar

Unit 5 – Skills work

Unit 5 – cultural studies

Unit 5 – Review

Unit 6 – Grammar (possession)

Unit 6 – Grammar 2

Unit 6 – Vocabulary


  1. Hi Mr Nabil thank u for this site.i want to know how to divide the units توزيع الوحدات.or we just we work according to the next page i have no idea exactly the duration of each unit.

      • thnx for sharing sir. I ve got a question about how you proceed with the part in communication lesson where Ss are resquired to reread the dialogues in pairs ; do they do the reading privately or do they do it as open pairs and the whole class listen ? do you provide any correction or you just let the Ss read without you interupting . thnx

  2. hello sir.I hope ur doing great. thanks for ur wondrful work. I ve just a question u use in lesson plan mainly in teaching materials the word (BB) what do u mean by it?

  3. I commented on lesson plans and on what you said in your reply not on you assi nabil as a person who seems very kind even I dont know you

  4. Thanks for your efforts .
    you are teaching two skills in one lesson grammar with function which i think sould be separted.
    no allotted time foe each activity
    no reading passages or noticing in general in grammar lessons

    • if u dont know what am talking about it’s you problem .
      if we are novice teachers you should share with us something which could make us improve our teaching techniques since u are an experienced one..
      try to accept comments cause they are normal if u dont do so dont share anything.
      Thank you so muchhh Mr Nabil.

      • والله آسيدي ولا آ لالة ماعرفت علاش تعصبتي .
        راه منين قلت ليك I don’t know راه كانت استفهانية ماشي اعتراضية
        being a novice isn’t a shame.
        and I always say when I am asked about my years of teaching : راني غير سنان الحليب . فماكاين لا قديم ولا جديد
        شحال من قديم و خاوي . بحالي مثلا . وشحال من جديد وحسن من القديم
        as for comments راهم مقبولين أصلا بدليل أنني فاتحهم للجميع و بدون مراقبة .
        وتعليقك خير دليل .
        وعموما سمح لينا أو سمحي لينا اذا أسأت إختيار الكلمات.

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