Al Massar window on the world teacher book + Audio files

Al Massar window on the world teacher book

Al Massar window on the world teacher book


In line with the terms of reference, the textbook has t?been designed to cater for the following overall standards and competencies.


  • use English to communicate In social setting.
  • participate In social Interaction.
  • Interact In basic English orally and in writing for personal expression and enjoyment.
  • develop appropriate learning strategies to enhance communicative competence.


  • Use English to develop good learning strategies
  • use English to interact in the classroom
  • use written and spoken English to obtain process and provide information

3 .

  • Use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways.
  • use verbal and nonverbal communication appropriate to the audience. purpose and sitting.
  • use English to extend their sociolinguistic and sociocultural competence.

Click on the picture to download Al Massar window on the world teacher book

Click on the picture below to download Al Massar window on the world Audio files



  1. What about the students book?

  2. please mr nabile share lesson plans for this book irhm waldik

  3. Hello Dear Teachers, could you please share with us the lesson plans designed for this damn textbook

  4. thanks so much Nabil. Although the textbook is an anti climax. you know it’s too much grammar based etc. but I need the audio files. thanks a million bro

  5. Anne Wilson-Siembieda

    Hello Nabil; Thank you so much for the files! I couldn’t find a teacher book for the class I’m teaching. Can you let me know what application to use to open the audio files for Window on the World? I use a macbook pro.

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