1st Year Bac Test 04

1st Year Bac Test 04

1st Year Bac Test 04 We thought that a computer would be an ideal gift for our three-year-old son because it would be educational. My...
1st Year Bac Test 03

1st Year Bac Test 03

1st Year Bac Test 03 Michael Kevin Kearney (born January 18, 1984) is a former child prodigy known for setting several world records and teaching...
1st Year Bac Test 02

1st Year Bac Test 02

1st Year Bac Test 02 People need to be active to be healthy. Our modern lifestyle and all the conveniences we've become used to have...
1 year Bac test 01

1st Year Bac Test 01

1st Year Bac Test 01 Pollution Pollution is one of the problems in the world. Day after day, it is growing and making a serious troublemaker...
making complaint

Making a complaint

 Making a complaint What is a complaint A complaint is expressing displeasure or discontent about...
social problems

Gateway 1 unit 8 : social problems

  Gateway 1 unit 8: social problems Vocabulary Some social problems: Unemployment – people with special needs – violence - against women – shanty towns...

Gateway 1 unit 7 : ecology

  Gateway 1 unit 7: ecology   Vocabulary of the unit Ozone layer – endangered species - Organic fertilizers – greening – extinction - global warning –...
health and welfare

Gateway 1 unit 6 : health and welfare

  Gateway 1 unit 6: health and welfare Vocabulary of the unit 1-      Neck 2-      Ches t3-      Ear 4-      Throat 5-      Heel 6-      Shoulder 7-      Head 8-      Back 9-      Hip 10-   Eye 11-   Arm 12-   Wrist 13-   Leg 14-   Stomach 15-  ...

Gateway 1 unit 5 : celebrations

  Gateway 1 unit 5: celebrations Vocabulary of the unit Religious celebrations Local celebrations National celebrations Foreign celebrations   Ashoura   The birth of the Prophet    Aid ...

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Expressing Purpose

Expressing Purpose

Expressing Purpose can be done in different ways, some of them are with: To, In order to, so as to, So that,...
Clothes Vocabulary

Clothes Vocabulary

This lesson helps you learn Clothes Vocabulary with illustrations and pronunciation as well. There is also an interactive exercise that will help...

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