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These global tests are meant for Moroccan Baccalaureate students or intermediate learners of English. They consist of reading, grammar, functions, writing and many other exercises that help students boost their competencies in English.

NB : Answers are included

Children and electronics

Children and electronics Children are using and owning consumer electronics from a younger age than ever before, according to US market researcher NPD. Its research...

Some cultural aspects of Britain

Some cultural aspects of Britain Respect of privacy underlies many aspects of British life. It is not just Privacy in your own home which is...

The effects of communication on advertisement

The effects of communication on advertisement Communication means not only speech or pictures, but any way one person can pass information, ideas or feelings to...

Language Learning

Language Learning MOCK EXAM  Common questions about language learning a. What are some strategies for language learning? b. What is the best way to learn a language? c. What...

CAN 2017

CAN 2017 1. It's 60 years since the first-ever Africa Cup of Nations (CAN). There will be more glitz and more teams taking part. But...

Nancy Birdsall

Nancy Birdsall Nancy Birdsall is the founding president of the Centre for global development. Prior to launching the Centre, Birdsall served for three years...

Education in Morocco

Education in Morocco It was in the year 1963 that education was made compulsory for all Moroccan children between the ages of 6 through 13...

Youth and social media

 Youth and social media You tell your children that they can go on Facebook if you can monitor, but later you find out you’ve...

A brilliant athlete

  A brilliant athlete Hicham El Guerrouj (born September 14, 1974, Berkane, Morocco) is a Moroccan middle distance runner. He has set several world records,...


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