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Writing is a hard task for students. Why? Because it combines different skills and competencies. Here you will find all that you need to develop your writing, starting from the simplest things to the most developed and complicated. Just keep visiting this page every now and then.

Insights into English Writing

Insights into English Writing Here are the Insights into English Writing topics that students who are using Insights into English 2 textbook are supposed to...

Ticket 2 English 2 Writing

Ticket 2 English 2 Writing Here are the Ticket 2 English 2 Writing topics that students who are using Ticket 2 English 2 textbook are supposed to...

Gateway to English 2 Writing

Gateway to English 2 Writing This is a compilation of Gateway to English 2 Writing tasks that students who are using this book are supposed to...

Argumentative paragraph

Argumentative paragraph An argumentative paragraph presents a point of view and provides evidence for the point of view taken. It is a paragraph in which...

Independent and dependent clauses

Independent and dependent clauses Written language consists of a clause and sentence. A clause is made up of at least a subject, and verb. Sometimes it can have a subject +...

What is a good paragraph

"What is a good paragraph" with this video you will have an idea about the criteria of a good paragraph, and what is its...


  Letters are written in two different ways: either CAPITAL or small. In this lesson we will cover the rules behind CAPITAL LETTERS or CAPITALIZATION. Capitalization...

Punctuation rules

Punctuation rules Punctuation symbols are used to give sense to our speech, whether it is spoken or written. It is used to structure and order...

Linking words

‎ Linking words show logical relationships between clauses in a sentence, between sentences within a paragraph, or even between paragraphs. They may convey different ideas...


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