Common Core

common core

Common core

The common core page contains all the important elements beginners need. The stuff presented here can be used with Common Core as well as 9th Grade students. It is frequently updated so stay tuned every now and then.





  1. salam teache nabil first ramadan mobarak.NOW I am a teacher trainee ,please can you provide with some teachers book lik visa, or ticket to english, outlook……plz help me sir
    am waiting for your answer please
    am waiting for your answer.
    My address

  2. Hi teacher Nabil I really appreciate your efforts.
    I have got a request ,If you mind can you provide me with students book of common core ,visa to the world.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. First of all, iam new here in your website and it is my pleasure to be one your followers. i appreciate your help my brother nabil and i wish one day to meet in Ibn tofail university.

  4. Hi .teacher. .how are you doing ? Could you possibly provide me with some quizzes of the 2nd semseter for the common core “outlook” textbook.

  5. السلام عليكم الإخوان لعندو نماذج امتحانات موحدة للجدع مشترك والأولى باك في الإنجليزية الله يجازيكم

  6. thanx Mr.Nabil, I am a novice teacher and i ve got to know your website by coincidence i loved it so much and I appreciate your efforts jazaka allaho khayran as i would very pleased if you can give me some lesson plans of the outlook textbook for the Common core. if you don’t have, just give me some tips of advice.
    my sincere gratitudes

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