Conditional type 3 exercisesss


Conditional type 3 exercises

You may need to revise this lesson before you do this exercises : CONDITIONAL TYPE 3

conditional type 3 exercises

Leaderboard: Conditional type 3

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  1. can you help me please you can’t lost weight because you don’t go on diet
    if ………………………………..

  2. Please can i ask you question about some exampeles ??
    The rule is :
    If+s+past perfect,s+would have+past participle
    But i saw could instead would????
    Can you explain please
    Becouse im didn’t understand.

    • In fact Miss Oumaima. The rule can be expanded as follows:
      [If + past perfect] + [Modals (in the past) + have + past participle]
      So when we say (modals in the past), it can be: Could, would, might, etc.


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