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Conditional type 3 exercises

Conditional type 3 exercisesss


Conditional type 3 exercises

You may need to revise this lesson before you do this exercises : CONDITIONAL TYPE 3

conditional type 3 exercises

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  1. hello sir, this is the first time i visit this site. Actually it’s a great one, it incorporate a good level of exercises that can help us for our exam. wish you all the best and hopefully i can get my result sir.

    • Hello Miss Basma. Thank you for your kind words. Actually, I am sure you will get it with nice grades incha Allah.

  2. Can you give us the answer of this exercises

  3. great work . what is good about teaching others and helping them reach their goals is helping yourself first by putting all the effort to make it easy and fun

  4. Thank you So much, I appreciate your hard work

  5. Could you give us an exercices concerning conditional 0 and 1 please?
    Thanks in advance

  6. can you help me please you can’t lost weight because you don’t go on diet
    if ………………………………..

    • if you went on diet you could loste weight

      • if you went on diet you could lost weight

  7. Please can i ask you question about some exampeles ??
    The rule is :
    If+s+past perfect,s+would have+past participle
    But i saw could instead would????
    Can you explain please
    Becouse im didn’t understand.

    • In fact Miss Oumaima. The rule can be expanded as follows:
      [If + past perfect] + [Modals (in the past) + have + past participle]
      So when we say (modals in the past), it can be: Could, would, might, etc.

    • It can be (Would,could,might)…Its depend on the sentens they giving you

  8. thank you so much really it’s very interesting may God helps you

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