Conditional type 3


Conditional type 3

Conditional type 3 : this lesson explains the form and the use of the conditional type 3 . it also provides a link to exercises if you want to practice this.

The form of conditional type 3

[ if + past perfect ] +[would have + past participle]

Example :

  • If she had taken her umbrella , she wouldn’t have gotten wet
  • Tom would have had better marks if he had revised his lesson .

The use of conditional type 3

when we use the conditional type 3 we are referring to an impossible situation in the past . we wish the opposite of that situation .

consider this situation :

last month Ann was sick. Her friend Joan didn’t know this, and she didn’t go to see her.
they met again after Ann got better.
Joan said :
If I had known that you were sick, I would have gone to see you.
this means, that in reality, Joan didn’t know Ann was sick that why she said: ” if I had known….”
and she didn’t go to see her.

Exercises are here : Conditional type 3 exercises.


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