Conditionals and wishes exercises

Conditionals and wishes exercises

Conditionals and wishes exercises

Before doing “Conditionals and wishes exercises” You may wish to revise CONDITIONAL AND WISH

A- Put the verbs into the correct form

  • If the weather (be)_______nice this afternoon, we (go)______ camping.
  • The kids (be)_____________________happy, if they knew you are here.
  • If she (bring)__________her umbrella yesterday, she (not/get) ______wet.
  • Leila wants to go to the USA, but she doesn’t speak English. She wishes she (speak)_______it.
  • Sohayb had a bad mark in the last test. If only he (revise)__________ his lessons.
  • The police could have caught the criminal if the (arrive)________on time.
  • I would be very scared if someone (point)___________ a gun at me.
  • If I see him, I (give)__________ him a lift.
  • The table could have collapsed if you (stand)_____________ on it


A- Rewrite the sentences with the words given (no conditional 1 is used)

  • I don’t know many people. That’s why I am lonely.

I wish_________________________________________.

  • She didn’t have any flour, so she couldn’t make any cakes yesterday.

If________________________________cakes yesterday.

  • She didn’t have any flour, so she couldn’t make any cakes yesterday.


  • He is fat because he doesn’t get any exercises, and he is not thinking of doing so.


  • The weather wasn’t warm enough so they didn’t go swimming.


  • He reads in bad light, that’s why he ruins his eyes.


  • I have to get up early tomorrow.

If only___________________________________________.

  • I can’t direct you because I haven’t a map.


  • It’s a pity you didn’t ask the fishmonger to open these oysters.

I wish____________________________________________.

  • Some teachers speak Arabic to their students, so their English doesn’t improve.


  • She doesn’t go out very often since she can’t walk without help.


  • Someone stole their car as they left it unlocked.


The car________________________________________________.

  • I am sorry we accepted the invitation

If only________________________________________________.

  • She is very shy, that’s why she doesn’t interact much with people


  • The fog came down suddenly so they had to stop


  • I didn’t know that pets were allowed here, hence I didn’t bring mine




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