Baccalaureate English National Exams

Below are different Baccalaureate English National Exams for 2nd baccalaureate students including all the Streams ( Arts -Humanities – All science, technical and original ) since 2008 until now

Sciences English National Exams – جميع المسالك العلمية و التقنية

Sciences 2008DownloadDownload
Sciences 2010DownloadDownload
Sciences 2011DownloadDownload
Sciences 2012DownloadDownload
Sciences 2013DownloadDownload
Sciences 2014DownloadDownload
Sciences 2015DownloadDownload
Sciences 2016DownloadDownload
Sciences 2017DownloadDownload
Sciences 2018DownloadDownload
Sciences 2019 DownloadDownload
Sciences 2020 (NEW)DownloadDownload

Humanities English National Exams – مسلك العلوم الانسانية

Humanities 2009DownloadDownload
Humanities 2010DownloadDownload
Humanities 2011DownloadDownload
Humanities 2012DownloadDownload
Humanities 2013DownloadDownload
Humanities 2014DownloadDownload
Humanities 2015DownloadDownload
Humanities 2016DownloadDownload
Humanities 2017DownloadDownload
Humanities 2018DownloadDownload
Humanities 2019 DownloadDownload
Humanities 2020 (NEW)DownloadDownload

Arts English National Exams – مسلك الاداب

Arts 2008DownloadDownload
Arts 2010DownloadDownload
Arts 2011DownloadDownload
Arts 2013DownloadDownload
Arts 2014DownloadDownload
Arts 2015DownloadDownload
Arts 2016DownloadDownload
Arts 2017DownloadDownload
Arts 2018DownloadDownload
Arts 2019DownloadDownload
Arts 2020 (NEW)DownloadDownload

Vocational English National Exams – مهني

Cooking, Logistic and Modelism (NEW) Download Download
Business and Accounting (NEW) Download Download

Religious English National Exams – التعليم الاصيل

Assil (NEW) Download Download