Formal informal and non-formal education review

Formal informal and non-formal education review

Formal, Informal and Non-formal Education Review

These exercises are meant to be Unit Formal Informal and non-Formal Education review. They deal with vocabulary, reading, grammar, communication, and writing. Just go to the section you like and do the exercises.



WRITING: Linking Words (Addition – Concession – Purpose)

For each sentence, click on the right linking word.

Choose the right answer for each sentence



  1. choran 3la lmjhodat dyalk :
    ostade wach makaynch teshihe

  2. where is the answers please??

  3. SALAm ostad brit منهجية how to write a report

    • A report should have these elements:
      – Title
      – Place
      – Time
      – Main events
      – Your opinion or evaluation

  4. Slm ostad 3fk ila jat 3la khatrak bghit chi namadij dyal quiz fal vocabulary please help me

  5. Chokran bzaaaf a osad 3afak wakha tgolya la différence mavin had les types de éducation

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