communication skills
communication skills

Functions or Communicative functions are ready-made sentences that help you communicate in an accurate way. Below is a list of all the functions you will need – as a 2nd year baccalaureate students – in your BAC NATIONAL EXAM.

Functions Expressions Examples
1.   MAKING SUGGESTIONS -Shall we………………

-Why don’t we …………………

-How about + (gerund)……………

-What about gerund)…………………….



– Shall we play some sport?

– Why don’t we pay a visit to Marrakech?

– How about going to the beach?

– What about going to the beach?

– Let’s have a walk in the beach?


· Accepting /Responding positively to a Suggestion

-That’s a good idea.

-That’s a good suggestion.

-Yes, Let’s do it

-What a good idea!

-It sounds a good idea

-Why not?


– That’s a good idea. It’s very hot



·  Refusing /responding negatively to a suggestion.

-I don’t think it’s a good idea.

-I don’t think it’s a good suggestion.

-No, let’s not

-I don’t feel like it

-What an awful / bad idea!

– I don’t think it’s a good idea. The

beach is crowded today.

2.       MAKING OFFERS -Can / shall I………..

-Would you like me to…..?

-Do you want me to…..

Can / Shall I Help you with this exercise?

Would you like me to help you with this exercise?

Do you want me to help you with this exercise?




-That’s very/really kind of you.

-How nice of you!

-Yes, Please.

-Please do.

-Yes, please if you don’t mind

-Question: Can I help you?

Answer: Yes, please.




-No, Thank you.

-Thanks. Don’t bother yourself.

-Thanks, but that won’t be necessary

‎-Question: would you like me to help you?‎

Answer: Thanks. Don’t bother yourself‎.









-Could / can you / ……….Please?

-Would / will you please…….

-Could you possibly……..

-Would you mind…….

Could I possibly use your mobile phone?

would you please give me that book?

could you possibly take this with you?

Would you mind opening the window?

·         Accepting.

-yes of course.


-with pleasure.





Yes, of course. Here you are.


·         Refusing

– I’m afraid you can’t.

-Sorry, but you can’t.


Sorry .The battery is down.

4.  ASKING FOR OPINION -What’s your opinion about….?

-What do you think of………..?

-How do you feel about…….?


What do you think of Karim?





-I think / believe………..

-It seems to me that ……….

-In my opinion ……………

-In my view ………………

  •  I believe he’s good boy

– It seems to me that he’s good boy

– In my opinion he’s good boy

– In my view he’s good boy ‎









-I’m sorry to say this, but……..

-I am sorry to have to say this, but…

-I want to complain about……..

-I’m afraid I have a complaint about…


I’m afraid I have a complaint about the food in your restaurant.


·      Accepting

-I’m (terribly/really) sorry about that.‎

-I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it.‎

-I apologize for that.‎

-Please accept my apology.‎

·         Refusing / Declining

-I am sorry, But there is nothing we can do about it.

-We are sorry , but this is out of our responsibility


6. EXPRESSING LACK OF UNDERSTANDING -I didn’t get your point.

-I don’t understand.

-Could you repeat, please?

-I’m not sure I got your point.

-I can’t see what you are driving at.

– Could you repeat the last point in your

Presentation.  I didn’t quite understand.

7. ASKING FOR CLARIFICATION -Could you clarify this point please?

-What do you mean?

-Could you explain?

-Could you explain this point?‎

-I’m not sure I understood it?‎

8.  EXPRESSING REGRET -I ‘m really sorry

-I wish I had/hadn’t

-If only I hadn’t

– I’m really sorry I didn’t go with you to

Samir’s party.

– I wish I had gone to Samir’s party. He was angry with me.

– If only I had gone to Samir’s party.






-Wow! That’s great / wonderful

-I’m glad to hear that!


-Great news!



-Sounds great!

-Lucky you!

-Oh, how wonderful!

-I can’t believe that!





A: You know what! I got the first mark in               the last test.

B : Congratulations




-I’m sorry to hear that!

-Oh, dear!

-Poor you!

-My goodness!

-I can’t believe it!

-I do sympathize with you.

-Please, accept my deepest sympathy.

-I know how you must be feeling.

-That must be awful

-Oh, dear!

-Too bad!

-That’s awful / a pity / unfortunate






A: My friend had a car accident yesterday. B: Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that!



11. APOLOGIZING (say sorry)















– I’m (terribly/awfully) sorry about /


– I (do) apologize for

– Forgive me for

– It’s all my fault.

– I’m ashamed of…

– Please, forgive me for…

– Excuse me for …

– I’m terribly sorry for…

– Pardon me for this…



I’m sorry to say this, I broke the plate.

I’m terribly sorry; I’ll make sure they

won’t do it again.

Please, forgive me for not doing the exercise.

That’s ok / That’s all right

Never mind.

It’s not a problem









-I (totally) agree with you.

-I share your view/idea/opinion.

-You’re right.


-Absolutory right

A: I believe students who revise their lessons regularly have good grades.

B: I totally agree with you.

-I don’t agree (with you).

-I don’t share your view/ idea/point.

-You’re wrong.

-I disagree (with you).

A :I don’t think people should be involved in politics.

B:  I disagree with you .citizens should take active role in their communities.













-What do /would you advise me to do?

-What do you think I should do?

-What do you advise me to do?

-What should I do?

-What ought I to do?

-What’s your advice?

-If you were me what would you do?


-I want to learn English. What do you

advise me to do?


-I advise you (not) to do

-You should

-You ought (n’t) to …………

-You’d better (not) do

-If I were you, I would (not) do

-Why don’t you …….?

-You’d better…………..

-If you take my advice, you’ll ………..

-It might be a good idea to …….

-Have you thought about + gerund….

A: I want to lose some weight. I am getting fatter.

B: I advise you to play sports.

–          If I were you, I would play sports.

–          Have you thought about playing sport?

Note: Some examples are taken from other teachers’ lessons.

To download the lesson click here: FUNCTIONS

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