Gateway 1 unit 7 : ecology


Gateway 1 unit 7: ecology

  • Vocabulary of the unit

Ozone layer – endangered species – Organic fertilizers – greening – extinction – global warming – dumping – recycling

Noun Verb adjective
Preservation Preserve Preservative
Recycling Recycle Recycled
Waste Waste Wasted
Damage Damage Damaged
Renewal Renew Renewal
Harm Harm Harmful
Diversity Diversify Diverse
Pollution Pollute Polluted
Destruction Destroy Destructive
Promotion Promote Promoted
  • Functions: expressing present wish


Wish / if only + verb ( past simple )

Present simple => past simple

Negative    => affirmative

Affirmative => negative

Ex :       Tom doesn’t revise His lessons and always absent so he gets bad marks .

Tom : If only / I wish I revised my lessons

  • Grammar: conditional type 2
  • Uses:

Cond 2 is used when we talk about impossible situation in present or future or to express Advice

  • form :

[if + subject + simple past ] + [ subject + would + verb ( infinitive ) ]

NB : conditional type 2 = present wish

If clause Main clause
·   If I knew where she lives ( this means I don’t know where she lives)·   If I were you ( advice ) ·  I would send her a letter·  I would revise my lessons everyday

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  1. Diverse = Adjective/ diversify= verb
    global warming instead of global warning ( May Allah help you Mr Nabil)

  2. Verb to diverse!! It is not a verb Mr Nabil

  3. i need some exams to work about
    i have an English exam tomorrow
    i ask Allah to help me

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