Gateway to English 2 Writing

Gateway to English 2 Writing

Gateway to English 2 Writing

This is a compilation of Gateway to English 2 Writing tasks that students who are using this book are supposed to know before they sit for the National Exam. Both teachers and students should know them. This topic is a kind contribution from Inspector Mr. Omar Marzouki.

Unit Page Writing Task / Genre Prompt
1. Formal. Informal. & Non-formal Education


18 A paragraph Write a paragraph about one means of learning (reading, listening, TV, the Internet, etc.) that you think is very important. Explain why it is so important using appropriate linking words.
2. Cultural Values


32 An e-mail Write an e-mail to your e-pal in which you describe a wedding ceremony you attended lately
3. Gifts of Youth


43 An article to the school magazine Write an article to your school magazine about why some students take up smoking and what effect this can have on their lives.
4. Women and Power


56 An argumentative Essay Make an outline of an argumentative essay.

Write the first draft of your essay, then swap with your partner. Check the following points in your partner’s paper.

5. Advances in Science and Technology


70 A Descriptive Essay Write about an experience you had as a primary school student. Talk about your school, friends, teachers, etc.
6. Humour 83 A reply Letter Your friend has just sent you a letter saying that there is no use in watching comedy films. Write a reply letter trying to convince him/her of the importance of watching such films.
7. Citizenship 97 An Article For or Against You participated in a writing contest and you were given the following topic: ‘‘Are you for or against voluntary work? ”Write an article giving arguments for and against, then present your personal standpoint.
8. Brain Drain


111 A letter to the Editor You have recently read a lot about the phenomenon of brain drain in a magazine. Write a letter to the editor s suggesting some measures that may solve the problem or at least reduce its negative effects.
9. Sustainable development


127 A Film Review Write a film review of a film you have just seen following the model on page 126. Your outline should look like this.
10. International Organisations


142 An e-mail Your English pen pal is planning to spend his holiday in Morocco. He has been told that the most ideal places to visit are  Marrakesh and Agadir, but he can’t decide which city to stay in. Write an e-mail telling him about some of the similarities and differences between the two cities.





    thank you so much Mr Nabil Sbaybi
    I would like you to tell me what are the most important topics of writing that are given in national exams?

  2. Plz teacher Does national exam depend on Ticket textbook or Gateway ?

    • Both of you Miss Salma. I mean the exercises of the national exam are taken from the lessons of both books. Yet, Ticket 2 is well-organised than Gateway 2.

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