Gateway to English 1 Writing

Gateway to English 1 Writing

Gateway to English 1 Writing

This is a compilation of Gateway to English 1 Writing tasks that students who are using this book are supposed to grasp. Both teachers and students should know them.

Unit Page Writing Task / Genre Prompt
1. Our cultural
18-19 An e-mail Write a short email responding to Helen’s email.
2. Education


32-33 A four-paragraph essay (cause and effects) Write a four-paragraph essay about the consequences of students’ dropping out of school.
3. Media


47-48 A personal letter Write a personal letter to your friend seeking his/her advice about computer addiction.
4. Leisure &
62-63 An email Write an email about your country’s culture.


76 An article Write an article to your school magazine about a celebration you attended. Describe what happened and express your feelings about it.
6. Health and
89 A personal letter Write a personal letter to your pen pal telling him/her about your eating habits and the activities you practice to keep fit and healthy.
7. Ecology 104-105 A formal letter Write a letter of complaint to an international organisation that works for the protection of forests. Include suggestions that may help in protecting forests in your area or your country.
8. Society and
118-119 An article Write an article to your school magazine making suggestions that can help reducing the problem of the poor in your area or in your country.
9. Human rights


130 A report Write a report about the situation of children in your neighbourhood.
10. Travel


146-147 A biography Write a short biography of Ibn Battouta.




  1. dear myteachernabil
    what you have done so far is really a great job which can be of a great help to both students and teachers,
    so many thanks from a retiredenglishteacher,wish you all the best in your master degree and teaching career

    Abdeljalil Chnioui

  2. Thanks a lot for all the great efforts sir. I just noticed that the reading texts of Gateway 1 are not dealt with here? Whÿ?

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