Gerund Infinitive exercises

Gerund Infinitive exercises
Gerund Infinitive exercises

Gerund Infinitive exercises

Instructions for Gerund Infinitive exercises:

write your answers in the comments so that we discuss them and correct if there is any mistake.

Please feel free to ask any questions

You may wish to revise the Gerund and infinitive lesson before you do the exercise


A – Choose the correct answer

1- I like __________ « BBC WORLD » channel.
A) watching       B) to watch                 C) both are correct.

2- Greenpeace is an organisation which aims at ________ the environment.

A) protect         B) Protecting              C) to protect

3- You should give up ________ as it’s dangerous for your health.

A) to smoke     B) smoke                    C) smoking

4- ________ a good citizen means loving your country so much.

A) be                  B) to be                        C) being

5- I look forward to ________ you.

A) meeting        B) to meet                   C) meet

6- Let me ________ myself. I’m Aziz, your friend’s brother.

A) to introduce        B) introduce               C) both are correct.

7- On my way home, I stopped _________ some bread from the grocer’s.

A) getting            B) to get                       C) both are correct.

8- Allow me _________ myself: I’m your new teacher for this year.

A) Introduce      B) to introduce            C) both are correct.


B – Fill in the gaps with either gerund or infinitive

  1. Why don’t you stop (work) ______________ and take a rest?
  2. The annoyed man threatened (call) __________________ the police.
  3. When we told him the plan, he agreed (join) ________________ our team.
  4. We can’t afford (buy) _____________ a new car.
  5. Do you enjoy (make) _____________ other people angry?
  6. This kind of sport involves (train) ____________ daily.
  7. If you have finished (have) __________ your lunch, clear the table, please.
  8. I had never anticipated (pay) ____________ so much for the redecoration.
  9. Everybody dislikes (do) ___________ exams.
  10. I was a bit lazy this time, but I promise (study) ____________ harder next time.
  11. He managed (fix) _____________ the TV set himself.
  12. If you want a quiet holiday, you should avoid (go) ____________ the coast in summer.
  13. Do you intend (get) _____________ fit?
  14. I admit (cheat) ____________ in the exam.
  15. I missed (have) _____________ dinner with my old school mates.

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