Ticket 2 English Unit 2 : Humour

Vocabulary related to the unit

Words Definitions
  1.  Humour
  2.  A Joke
  3. Humorous
  4. An impression
  5. To make fun of someone
  6. To kid
  7. Silly
  8. Witty
  1. Something said to cause laughter
  2.  A short story that causes laughter
  3. Amusing , funny and laughable
  4. An amusing imitation of a famous person
  5. Laugh at someone in a mocking way
  6. To make jokes or to joke with someone
  7.  Funny in a stupid way
  8. Funny in an intelligent way


Positive emotions or feeling Negative emotions or feeling
Joy – gaiety – delight – cheerfulness – merriment – vivacity – calm – satisfaction – enthusiasm – optimism – jubilation Anger – despair – depression – loneliness – sadness – frustration – worry – fear


Idioms : positive feeling /mood Idioms : negative feeling /mood
  •  Lift one’s spirit
  • Things are looking up
  • Walk on air
  • Someone’s spirit rises
  • To feel quite down
  • Someone’s heart sink In the depths of despair
  • To be low


Functions: Expressing lack of understanding and asking for clarification

Show lack of understanding Ask for clarification
  • I beg your pardon?
  • I beg your pardon, but I don’t quite understand.
  • I’m not quite sure I know what you mean.
  • I’m not quite sure I follow you.
  • I don’t quite see what you mean.
  • I’m not sure I got your point.
  • Sorry, I didn’t quite hear what you said.
  • Sorry, I didn’t get your point.
  • I don’t quite see what you’re getting at.
  • What do you mean by…?
  • Do you mean…?
  • Could you say that again, please?
  • Could you repeat please?
  • Could you clarify that, please?
  • Would you elaborate on that , please?
  • Could you be more explicit?
  • Could you explain what you mean by…?
  • Could you give us an example?
  • I wonder if you could say that in a different way.
  • Could you put it differently, please?
  • Could you be more specific, please?


Functions / communication: making request

Request is asking someone politely either for something or to do something .

Making request and responding
Making request Accepting Declining / refusing
  • Can /could you+infinitive…
  • Would you mind+gerund…
  • I wonder if you can/could … Do you mind if …
  • Feel free Yes,
  • of course With pleasure
  • I am awfully sorry
  • No , YOU/I can’t


A : Could you please help me with this exercise ?
B : Yes . of course .
A : Would you mind helping me with this exercise?
B : I am awfully sorry but I am busy now.


Grammar: Modal verbs

This lesson is thoroughly discussed here : Modal Verbs.



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