Insights into English Writing

Insights into English Writing

Insights into English Writing

Here are the Insights into English Writing topics that students who are using Insights into English 2 textbook are supposed to know. This paper is a kind contribution of Inspector Omar Marzouki.

Unit Page (SB) Writing Task
/ Genre
1. Cultural
19 A Persuasive text Write a text to persuade your classmates that good personal values are important in our life
2. Gifts of
36 An Advertisement Write and advertisement on how we can further develop young people’s assets.
3. Advances in Science and Technology 53 A Survey Questionnaire Design a survey to find out what teachers of English in your school or English-speaking
members in your community think about one of the topics below
1. Sc. Literacy 3. Society & Tech.
2. Techl .innovations 4. The Internet
4. Women and
68 An Essay Choose A or B or C and write an essay
A. What are the goals of feminism in Morocco
B. How are feminist activists viewed in Morocco
C. How do the aims of feminists and profeminists differ
5. Brain Drain 85 Designing a Poster Write down everything you would like to have on your poster, keeping in mind who your audience is.
6. Humour 92 A funny story Now write a funny story
7. Citizenship 109 A Presentation content Prepare a presentation on one of the topics below:
A. Voting is an important responsibility of individuals, parties and the community at large
B. Think of a social problem in your community that needs to be addressed. Describe it and suggest a plan for solving it.
C. What are some of the things in your school that need improving? What could you do about it? Write a plan of how you will organize your presentation from beginning to end.
121 A Description Write as part of a letter or an e-mail, a brief description of the Alaouite Organization for the
Protection of the Blind to one of your English speaking friends
9. Formal, Non-formal and Informal education 136 An e-mail Write an e-mail applying for admission to the BBA. Copy the e-mail below and complete it.
10.Sustainable education 146 A letter to the editor Decide if you agree with Anass and, on your own, write a letter to the editor


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