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Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar

Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar


The Advanced Learners’ Grammar is a comprehensive advanced level grammar of the
English language with cross-referenced practice exercises and a full set of diagnostic

What’s in this book?

The Advanced Learners’ Grammar consists of:
• 36 diagnostic tests and a test key
• 36 units of grammar explanation with practice exercises
• double-page Roundups of key areas of grammar
• an answer key for practice exercises

Who is it for?

 The Advanced Learners’ Grammar is for students who are at or above the level of the
Cambridge First Certificate Examination (or equivalent). It can be used by students
preparing for the Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency or other similar examinations, or
by advanced students who are not preparing for examinations at all.

What kind of grammar?

In addition to describing traditional grammar ‘rules’, the Advanced Learners’ Grammar examines the close relationship between grammar and vocabulary in English. The
grammar explanations cover areas such as multi-word verbs, prepositions and
reporting verbs and many where grammar and vocabulary are closely linked; useful
word lists, charts and Roundups are also included. The explanations highlight common
errors and areas of potential confusion and explain the differences between British and
American usage. The importance of context and levels of formality are fully described,
and examples are given which reflect up-to-date, idiomatic speech and writing. Many of
the examples have been taken from the BNC/Longman Corpus. The 
Advanced Learners’
also contains units on text structure and discourse, as these areas are
essential for the advanced student to develop beyond the confines of simple grammar
and sentence structure.

What kind of practice?

The Advanced Learners’ Grammar generally contains four pages of practice exercises
for every four pages of grammar explanation. There is a variety of types of exercises,
ranging from simple gap-filling, matching and transformation tasks to complex
manipulation of text. Each unit contains at least one exercise that is typical of the tasks
found in advanced level examinations such as the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency.

To download Longman Advanced Learner’s Grammar click here.




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