National exam Arts July 2014

National exam Arts July 2014

[1] Ihn Sina, also known as ‘Avicenna’ was indeed a true polymath with contributions in many fields such as medicine, psychology, pharmacology, geology, physics, astronomy, chemistry and philosophy. He was also a poet and an Islamic scholar and theologian. His most important contribution to medical science was his famous book known in the West as The Canon. This book is an immense encyclopedia of medicine, it comprises the
entire medical knowledge available from ancient and Muslim sources.

[2] This great scientist was born late in the tenth century in the village of Afshana, near Bukhara which is also his mother’s hometown! His father, Abdulah was from Balkh which is now part of Afghanistan. Ibn Sina received his early education in his hometownvand by the age of ten he learnt the Quran by heart. He had exceptional intellectual skills which enabled him at the age of fourteen to do better than his teachers. During the next few years, he devoted himself to the study of Islamic laws and principles, philosophy and sciences. Ibn Sina also studied the works of Aristotle on metaphysics but couldn’t fully understand it…..

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