The present continuous tense

The present continuous
The present continuous

Present continuous tense

  • The Form :

Am / is / are + verb (ing).
  • The Uses

The present continuous tense expresses an action

  • that is taking place at the time of speaking :

Mary is talking on the phone.

              They are doing their exercises.


  • For actions that are happening around now, but not exactly at the moment of speaking.

She’s reading an interesting book these days.


  • I am walking
  • You are walking
  • He is walking
  • She is walking
  • It is walking
  • We are walking
  • You are walking
  • They are walking


  • I am not walking
  • You are not walking
  • he is not walking
  • she is not walking
  • it is not walking
  • we are not walking
  • you are not walking
  • they are not walking


  • Am I walking?
  • Are you walking?
  • Is he walking?
  • is she walking?
  • is it walking?
  • Are we walking?
  • Are you walking?
  • are they walking?


Time Expressions used with the present continuous

Just like all  tenses in English , the present continuous is generally used with specific time expressions .Here are some :

Now, still, at present, these days, At the moment, right now ,

this term, this year………….

Exclamation (!) sentences.

  • Spelling Rules

  • With most verbs we add –ing to the verb.

talk – talking

go – going

  • With verbs ending in consonant + e, we delete the –e and add –ing.

take – taking

come – coming


  • With one syllable verbs ending in one vowel + one consonant, we double the final consonant and add –ing.

run – running

stop – stopping

But: we don’t double letter “x”

mix – mixing

  • With verbs with two or more syllables ending in one vowel + one consonant, we double the final consonant if the last syllable is stressed, and add –ing.

begin – beginning


visit – visiting


  • With verbs ending in one vowel + l, we double the –l and add –ing.

travel – travelling


sail – sailing

  • With verbs ending in –ie, we change the –ie to –ying.

lie – lying

die – dying



present continuous exercises

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