Pronouns : Personal, Object, Possessive

pronouns Personal Object Possessive
pronouns Personal Object Possessive

Pronouns : Personal, Object, Possessive.

with this lesson you will be able to understand and use the different forms of pronouns including subject pronouns, object pronouns, possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns.exercises are also included with their answers.

Subject Pronouns Object pronouns Possessive adjective possessive pronouns
  • I
  • You
  • He
  • She
  • It
  • Me
  • You
  • Him
  • Her
  • It
  • My
  • Your
  • His
  • her
  • Its
  • Mine
  • Yours
  • His
  • Hers
  • Its
  • We
  • You
  • They
  • Us
  • You
  • Them
  • Our
  • Your
  • Their
  • Ours
  • Yours
  • Theirs

pronouns : Personal, Object, Possessive.

♦ Subject Pronouns

Subject pronouns are normally placed before the verb and they replace a noun(subject) .

Example :

Tom Speaks English.

He speaks Spanish too.

♦ Object pronouns

Object pronouns are normally placed after the verb.they replace the object .


I met Hanane.

I met Her at the bus station.

♦ Possessive adjectives

Possessive adjectives show who possesses / owns have something .

Example :

A : Whose book is this ?

B : It is my book .

Note : Possessive adjective + noun

♦ Possessive pronouns

Possessive pronouns have the same function like possessive adjectives . a possessive pronouns is made of a (possessive adjective + noun).

example :

A : whose pen is this ?

B : it is mine (my pen).



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