Reading – I love my house

I love my house
I love my house


Reading – I love my house

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My name is Janet and this is my house. It is a ‎lovely house in the suburbs of London. It has got two ‎floors – a ground floor and a first floor. ‎
‎On the ground floor there is the kitchen, the dining ‎room and the living room.‎On the second floor there is my bedroom. I share my bedroom with ‎my sister, Alice. There is also my parents’ bedroom, ‎a guest room and the bathroom.‎
‎ My house has also got a garage where my parents ‎park the family car, a swimming-pool and a small ‎room where my parents keep some old stuff. ‎
‎ Around the house there is a huge carpet of grass. ‎I love it because me, my sister and our friends have ‎lots of fun here. In the Summer we can play hide ‎and seek and then go for a swim.

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