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Relative Clauses

Relative clauses
Relative clauses

Grammar: Relative Clauses ‎

  • Both Restrictive and non-restrictive clauses begin with WH-words (who , which, whose……..)‎
  • Restrictive clauses: are not set off by commas, they are dependent, very important and limit the meaning.‎
  • Non-restrictive clauses: are set off by commas, they are independent, not very important to the meaning.

Who = refers to a subject
whom = refers to the object of a sentence
Which = it refers to an object (preferences)
That = people, animals, and things‎
when = refers to time.
where = refers to place.
Whose = refers to possession ‎

‎Examples :

  • A woman teaches us French. The woman has a beautiful car

the woman who/that teaches us french has a beautiful car

  • A bird is on the tree. The bird is singing

The bird which/that is on the tree is singing

  • I met a boy yesterday. The boy was my cousin

The boy whom I met yesterday was my cousin

  • The government helps poor families. Their children go to school.

The government helps poor families whose children go to school

  • Summer is a season. Many people love to go to the beach in summer

Summer is a season when people love to go to the beach

  • Morocco is a beautiful country. Many tourists love  to spend their holidays in  Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country where many tourists love  to spend their holidays in


In the exam , you will be asked to fill in the gap in a sentence with the correct relative pronouns or join / link two separate sentences using a given relative pronoun.Below are exercises that give you enough practice for that .


Another matching exercise is here : RELATIVE CLAUSES – MULTIPLE CHOICES.

relative clauses

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  1. Tr Nabil meant that we use “whom” for a person who is the object of a verb …. Not object as car or table…

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