Reported speech exercises

Reported speech exercises
Reported speech exercises

Reported speech exercises

You may need to revise this lesson before you do these exercises : reported speech

A / Put the following into indirect speech (statements)

  1. “I have something to show you” I said to her
  2. “Nothing grows in my garden. It never gets the sun” she said
  3. “ I am going away tomorrow , mother” he told her
  4. “we have moved to our new flat yesterday”
  5. “you haven’t given me enough “ he pointed out
  6. “we will wait for you if you are late “
  7. “ I couldn’t get into the house because I had lost my keys”
  8. “ I wrote to him the day before yesterday, I wonder why he hasn’t rung up”
  9. “we walked 3 miles yesterday to bring this lamp
  10. “they were intending to do it next month
  11. “ I don’t think your father like me” said the young lady to Jim
  12. “If you see my father , you will know him on the spot “
  13. “ there’s been an accident and the road’s blocked”
  14. “I have done the deeds”
  15. “the ice will soon be hard enough to skate on “ said tom
  16. “we have been here for two years and half “ said the man “ and we are going to stay here for six months.
  17. “I’ve left some books on your table “ said Peter .“I think you’ll find them useful .you can keep them as long as you need but I’d like them back when you’ve finished with them

Answers to this exercise are here : Reported speech – statements – Answers

B / Put the following into indirect speech (statements)

  1. ‎I met him last year
  1. They will be here soon
  1. ‎I have just finished
  1. ‎I must write some letters now.
  1. ‎He is going to Berlin tomorrow
  1. ‎We are going for a country walk.
  1. ‎This is the most interesting book I Have ever read
  1. ‎I can come next week
  1. ‎That looks difficult to do.
  1. ‎They went away yesterday
  1. I haven’t had enough time to finish what I intended to do. I can do some more later on
  1. You must do it all again before next week.

Answers to this exercise are here :

Answers to this exercise are here: Reported speech – statements 2 – Answers

C / Put the following into indirect speech (questions)

Note: some questions can be dealt with as requests

  1. “Where are you from? He asked Tom
  2. “Did you finish your exercise?” The teacher asked his
  3. “Who has been using my typewriter last week?” She wondered
  4. “Do you mind working on the night shifts?”T he employee asked the employer
  5. Would you like to come with us?” They asked me
  6. “Are you working as well as studying?” The lady asked Ashley
  7. “Have you got a work permit?” The police man asked the driver
  8. “Will you have time to play regularly?” The coach asked Leila
  9. “Which of you knew how to make this food?” She asked
  10. “How can I run this engine?” I asked the worker
  11. “What else did you see?” I asked the boy
  12. “Did they understand what you said to them?” He asked me
  13. “Are you sorry for what you did?” The mother asked her son
  14. “Do you think you could live entirely on your own for six months or would you get bored?” She asked her friend
  15. “How many sleeping pills have you taken?” She asked the patient
  16. “What will you do now, couldn’t you see the gas running before you switched the oven? “ The mother asked her boy angrily
  17. “Are you leaving today or tomorrow morning?”  Her dad asked her

Answers to this exercise are here : Reported speech – Questions – Answers



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