The Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense
The simple present tense

The simple present tense

This lesson covers all the different forms of the simple present tense, ranging from affirmative, negative to interrogative. It also provides interactive exercises that help students understand and use properly this tense.

  • I work
  • You work
  • She/He/it works
  • We work
  • You work
  • They work
  • I do not work
  • You do not work
  • S/He/it does not work
  • We do not work
  • You do not work
  • They do not work
  • Do I work?
  • Do you work?
  • Does She/He/it work?
  • Do we work?
  • Do you work?
  • Do they work
  • Where do you work
  • what does she work

As every tense in English, the present simple is generally used with specific time expressions. Here are some :

Time expressions used with simple present
  • Always, usually, sometimes, often, seldom, hardly ever, never
  • occasionally, frequently…
  • every lesson, day, week, month,………
  • on/at/in  Mondays, weekdays, weekends, evenings, mornings…….
  • once, twice a day, a week, a month, a year………
Spelling rules :
  1. Verbs ending with S , CH , SH , X , O add ES to HE , SHE and IT
    Examples :
    • I miss → he misses
    • We watch → she watches
    • they go → He goes
  2. Verbs ending with Y

Examples :

  • I carry →  he carries
  • we copy →  she copies

Notice: the verbs end with a Consonant + Y

  • They obey → he obeys
  • I say → she says

Notice : the verbs end with a vowel+ Y.    vowels ( a,e,i,o,u)




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  2. Is there any way these exercises could be downloaded as “.word” file ? Thank you

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