Tenses Exercises

tenses exercises
tenses exercises

Tenses Exercises

Tenses Exercises are meant to help students revise all the tenses that they have been doing since Common core up to their 2nd Baccalaureate year. They are a sort of preparation for the English National Exams .You may wish to revise this lesson before you do these exercises : ENGLISH TENSES

Instructions :

  1. Click on each exercise to do it and get your score .
  2. For Negative form use the short form .Example :We  haven’t seen (not / to see) our aunt since 1982.‎

A / Fill the blanks, choosing the appropriate form of the verb from those suggested.‎
B/ Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.‎
C/ Match the following parts of sentences, taking one from the list on the left and one from the list ‎on the right.‎
D/ Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.‎

For teachers : A printable is below if you wish to use it in class .

Download: Exercises on Tenses



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