The past continuous

The past continuous
The past continuous

Form of the Past continuous

Was / were + verb (ing)

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
  •  I was playing
  • He was playing
  • She was playing
  • It was playing
  • We were playing
  • You were playing
  • They were playing
  •  I was not playing
  • He was not  playing
  • She was not playing
  • It was not playing
  • We were not playing
  • You were not playing
  • They were not playing
  •  Was I playing?
  • Was he playing?
  • Was she playing?
  • Was it playing?
  • Were we playing?
  • Were you playing?
  • Were they playing?

Notice :

was not = wasn’t

were not = weren’t

Use of the Past continuous

We use the Past continuous :

  • With a very specific point in time in the past.

Example :

A: What were you doing yesterday at 19h30?

B: yesterday at 19h30 I was doing my exercises

  • For a past action which continued for some time and whose exact limits are not known.

Example : He was driving so fast.

The past continuous


  • We use the past continuous with the simple past to show that the action of the continuous started before the action of the simple past and continued after it.

Example :

We were watching TV when the bell rang.

The past continuous

  • For  parallel/simultaneous actions happening at the same time


While / as we were studying English, other students were studying French.




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