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Ticket 2 English 2 teacher book + Audio files

Ticket 2 English 2 teacher book

Ticket 2 English 2 teacher book


TICKET 2 ENGLISH is designed for students preparing for the national examination of the
Moroccan Baccalaureate.These students have been learning English for three or four years.
We, therefore, presume that they have covered basic structures and vocabulary of the
English language. The textbook not only provides further practice of the fundamental structures and lexis covered in the previous years but also introduces new grammar points, vocabulary items, and language functions. The book also endeavors to raise studentsawareness and concern about current issues such as sustainable development, citizenship, and cultural values. The underlying principle is to make students establish some sort of link between their learning and their interests in real life.

By combining revision with new material, the book provides a smooth transition to a higher
level of English use, It subsequently aims at enabling students to use English more efficiently and cope with the requirements of the Baccalaureate exam along with preparing them for their higher studies.

Enough material is provided in the ten units and extra reading texts to cover the work of an academic year consisting of three four, or five classes per week. The book also guarantees
sufficient flexibility and variety in the elements of each unit to match the demands of classes of various sizes ar\d abilities. Four supplementary reading texts and tasks are provided at the end of the book. They are designed for Arts and Humanitiesstreams, but teachers can also use them for the other streams as supplementary materialIt is worth noting that the course pack consists of a students hook, a teachers guide, and an
audio support.

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  1. from my part, I’d like tothank you for what you’ve done to make learning easier for every one.It’s a great job!!

  2. Hi sir..I am in a bad need of the teacher’s book of of ‘ Ticket To English’ …thx

  3. Thank you si Nabil, you’re a treasure to us all. thanks again

  4. Thank you so much teacher for your efforts

  5. I need ticket student book 1y bac

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