Ticket 2 Unit 6 : Cultural issues

Cultural issues
Cultural issues

Ticket 2 Unit 6: Cultural issues

Vocabulary of the unit

Value Meaning


2. Altruism


4. Initiative

5. Tolerance

6. intolerance



9. Equity

10. Diversity

11. stereotype

1. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively

2. Selflessness , generosity and kindness

3. The set of rights and duties

4. The ability or opportunity to act before others do

5. The ability to accept and respect the opinions and beliefs of others

6. Unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own

7. The ability to live together in harmony

8. Participating and working together towards the same end or objective

9. Equal treatment to anyone

10. Showing a great deal of variety; very different.

11. A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person.

Words Antonyms 
  • Altruism
  • Tolerance
  • co-operation
  • equity
  • responsibility
  • love
  • harmony
  • selfishness
  • intolerance
  • individuality
  • injustice
  • irresponsibility
  • hatred
  • conflict
  • culture diversity
  • civic education
  • moral obligations
  • cultural shock
  • common good
  • global citizenship


define your concept

Here are some expressions that you may use to introduce or give a definition of a word:

….(X)… can be defined as ……(Y)….

….(X)… refers to ….(Y)…

….(X)… designates ….(Y)…

….(X)… means ….(Y)…

….(X)… can be described as ….(Y)

Complaining and Apologizing or saying sorry :

Complaining Apologizing Accepting apology
  • Sorry to say it ,but you ….
  • enough is enough
  • I’ve been patient long enough , but …
  • I am not satisfied with the way ….
  • I do apologize
  • Sorry about that
  • I do express mu apology
  • I am very sorry
  • It’s ok
  • It’s not important
  • Never mind
  • Don’t worry about that

Grammar : Phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs consist of a verb and a particle (preposition, adverb). The particle can change the meaning of the verb completely. For example:

  • look up – consult a reference book (look a word up in a dictionary)
  • look for – seek (look for her ring)
  • look forward – anticipate with pleasure (look forward to meeting someone)

to see a list of phrasal verbs click on : phrasal Verbs


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