Ticket 2 English Unit 7 : Citizenship



Ticket 2 English Unit 7 : Citizenship

Vocabulary related to the unit

NB : these are possible answers , others may fit also .

Rights Responsibilities /duties Can be both
  • to have a job
  • to be respected
  • have access to leisure activities
  • to have a say in what happens
  • to be free to tell your opinion
  • to have access to health care
  • to be safe
  • to have access to education
  • to be free to move
  • to tell the truth
  • do your personal best
  • respect others
  • to be concerned for the common good
  • to respect the flag of your country
  • to participate in community activities
  • to believe in human dignity and equality
  • respect the rules and laws
  • to respect the environment
  • to pay taxes
• earn your livelihood
• to have somewhere to ‎live
• to volunteer in your ‎community service
• to vote ‎

Functions : ask for and give advice

Ask for advice Give advice
  • what do you advise me to ?
  • what do you think I should do ?
  • what do you suggest to …
  • what would you do in this situation
  • may be / I think you should ……
  • If + subject +(simple past)+subject+would+(infinitive)
  • You’d better + verb (infinitive)
  • You ought to/should……
  • I advise you to

 Grammar : Reported Speech

To see this lesson click on : reported speech.


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