Understanding and Using English Grammar workbook

Understanding and Using English Grammar workbook
Understanding and Using English Grammar workbook

This ELT Workbook is a place for students to.explore and practice English grammar on their
own. It is a place where they can test and fine-tune their understandings of English structures and improve their abilities to use English meaningfully and correctly.
It is keyed to the explanatory grammar charts found in Understanding and Using English
Grammar, Third Edition, a classroom teaching text for students of English as a second or foreign language, as well as in the accompanying Chartbook, a reference grammar with no exercises.
The Workbook is designed not only for students who desire the opportunity for independent
study of English grammar, but also as a resource fur teachers who need exercise material for
additional classwork, homework, testing, or individualized instruction.
The answers to ALL of the practices arc given in the back of the book in an Answer Key.
The Answer Key is on perforated pages so that it can be detached to construct a separate
booklet. If teachers desire to use the Workbook as a classroom teaching text, the Answer Key can be removed at the beginning of the term.
A note on changes from the previous edition: The Workbook that accompanied the previous
edition of. Understanding and Using English Grammar had both self-study (answers given) and guided study (no answers given) practices. This Workbook has only self-study practices. The guided study practices that involved communicative, interactive, and/or task-based activities are now in the main teaching text, and other guided study practices from the previous edition have been adapted to a self-study format in this edition. Another change is that the presentation of phrasal verbs was deleted from the main text and is now found in a special supplementary section in this Workbook.

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Understanding and Using English Grammar workbook is the workbook of Understanding and Using English Grammar.


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