B/ Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets‎.

‎1. While I (to come) to school this morning, I (meet)my uncle.‎
‎2. As soon as we (to finish) our essays yesterday, we (to give) them to the teacher.‎
‎3. “Oh, look It (to rain) again.”‎
‎4. I've lost my pen. I wish I (can) remember where I put it.‎
‎5. It's my birthday next week. I (to be) eighteen.‎
‎6. We (not / to see) our aunt since 1982.‎
‎7. If he had looked where he was going, he (not / to crash) into the wall.‎
‎8. The lesson (already / to begin) when I arrived.‎
‎9. I wish my parents (to let) me go to the picnic next week.‎
‎10. This is the most difficult exercise that I (ever / to do).‎
‎11. If you come to the cinema with me tomorrow, I (to buy) you an ice-cream.‎
‎12. The man was lying on the ground. A car (to knock) him down a few seconds before.‎
‎13. Her father said that he (not / to be) back until the following week.‎
‎14. He (to die) if the if the ambulance hadn't arrived quickly.‎
‎15.We were very tired when we arrived as we (to walk) since seven o'clock.‎
‎16.He doesn't know how to swim. He wishes he (to learn) when he was a child.‎
‎17. She (to wake) up an hour ago.‎
‎18. It was the first time that I (to eat) Italian food.‎
‎19. I'll give this letter to the manager when he (to get) here.‎
‎20. It's time they (to answer) my letter