Tenses for baccalaureate students
 D/ Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.‎.

‎1. If I (to know) that the film on television yesterday evening (to be) so ‎boring, I (not / to waste) my time (to watch) it. I usually (enjoy) (to ‎watch) detective films, but that one was the most stupid that I (ever / see). I wish I (to go) ‎out with my instead. They (to go) to an Italian restaurant and (to eat) some delicious pizzas.‎

‎2. Yesterday I (to go) to visit a sick friend who (to come) out of hospital the day before. The ‎surgeon (not / allow) her to have visitors while she (to be) in hospital, so I (not / see) her since before her operation. ‎
‎"How (you / be) ?" I asked. ‎
‎"I (never/to feel) better in my life!" she replied. "When I (to return) to school next month, I (be able) to do physical education again."‎

‎3. Mary hates (to live) in London. She wishes she (live) in the country. Last week she (see) an ‎advertisement for a job in a small town, so she (to ring) the company up : “Good morning. I ‎‎(inquire) about the job which I (just / see) advertised in the newspaper. (you ‎‎:/still/look) for somebody ?” she asked.‎
‎“Yes, madam. If you (come) to see us tomorrow, we (interview) you. (you / can / be) here at four?” the manager asked.‎

‎4. When my brother (to come) to see me next week, I (to be able) to ask him about his ‎recent trip to Cairo and, if there (to be) time, he (to show) me the postcards which he (to buy) ‎during his visit. He (never : to go) to Egypt before, so I'm sure he (to find) it very ‎interesting. I (to go) with him if I (not / to have) an exam. Perhaps I (to ‎be) luckier next time

‎5. No sooner (I / to get) into bed the other evening than the phone (to ring). It was my brother who ‎ (just / to arrive) at the airport. "I (to be) so sorry to disturb you at such a late hour, but the ‎coach (already / to leave) and there (not / to be) any taxis. (you / can / ‎to come) and meet me, please ?" Of course, I (not /can / to refuse) to help my brother, but I ‎wished he (to let) me know earlier that he (to arrive) home ‎that evening.‎

‎6. Last Saturday, while the little girl (to sleep), her mother (to creep) into the bedroom because ‎she (to forget) to shut the window and she (not / to want) her daughter to catch cold. ‎The next morning, however, the little girl (must : to stay) in bed as she (not / ‎to feel) well. Her mother knew that it was her fault and said : " I (to be) sure that if I (to shut) the ‎bedroom window earlier, my daughter (not / to catch) cold last night."‎

‎7. While I (to wander) along the beach the other day, I (to happen) to hear somebody ‎who (to shout) for help. I (to turn) round and
(to see) a man in difficulty in the sea. He ‎ (to wave) his arms frantically to attract attention. "My goodness! If I (not / to get) ‎help immediately, that man (to drown), " I exclaimed. ‎
I (run) to the nearest group of people and (to beg) them to help me rescue the man.‎

‎8. While Taha (to go) along the road the other day, he (to meet) a friend from Oujda. “What (you / to do) here in Rabat ?” Taha asked.‎
‎“My sister (just / have) a baby, so I (to come) to see her, “ he explained.‎
‎“Please (to come) to lunch with me tomorrow. I (to be) very happy if you can.”.‎
His friend (to thank) him for his kind invitation but said that he (not / to be ‎able) to accept because he (to decide) to return to Oujda that day.‎

‎9. “ Rachid ! Rachid ! Where (you : to be) ?” shouted Reda.‎
‎“ I (to be) up here, in my bedroom. I (to look) for my Arabic book. I (to have) it yesterday ‎evening. If I (not / to find) it, the teacher (not : to be) very pleased,” said Rachid.‎
‎“ Well, if we (not / to hurry), we (to miss) the school bus, “ Reda answered
‎“Oh, here it is ! I (to find) it. Come on. Let's (to go) now, " said Rachid.‎

‎10. Nourdine ( get) his degree in English ten years ago and he (to be) a teacher ever since. He ‎‎(to teach) in a high school in Fes for six years before (to move) to Rabat. So far, he (not / ‎to-be able) to stay in England for more than a month at a time, but he (to spend) the ‎next two years (to study) in London if he (to manage) to get a scholarship. When he ‎‎(return) to Morocco in two years' time, he (probably : to be given) a post at the university.‎