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descriptive paragraph
descriptive paragraph

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How to Write a Descriptive Paragraph

What is a Descriptive Paragraph

A descriptive paragraph is a piece of writing where you describe a person, a place, a feeling, a situation or an event. It is characterized by the use of adjectives. By using words, you make the reader see what you are describing.

This lesson focuses on DESCRIBING A PERSON.

To describe a person you need to talk about his/her:

Physical Appearance: the way he/she looks like

  • Height: tall, short, medium height…
  • Build: frail, slim, thin, skinny, stocky, plump, fat, chubby, large, heavy, well-built, fit…
  • Age: young, teenager, middle-aged, elderly…
  • Face: round, oval, wrinkled, furrowed, dimpled, sun-tanned, fair-skinned, baby-faced, chiseled…
  • Eyes: big, round, blue, hazel, small, piggy, narrow, bloodshot…
  • Hair: bald; straight, curly, spiky, wavy, black…
  • Clothes: casual, shabby, smart, tidy, untidy, messy…

Personality: his/her psychological traits or attitudes

  • Intelligent, smart, clever, gifted, brainy…
  • shy, timid, introverted, extroverted, optimistic, pessimistic, sensitive, sensible, relaxed, tense…
  • compassionate, considerate, courteous, generous, exuberant, practical…
  • sociable, quarrelsome, argumentative, logical, rational, easy-going, even-tempered, honest, trustworthy, reliable, sincere…

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Useful Expressions for Writing

Structure of a Descriptive Paragraph:

Topic Sentence

It’s the 1st sentence in your paragraph where you directly say who you are going to talk about

Supporting Sentences

  • talk about his/her physical appearance
  • Then talk about his/her personality

or vice versa. You may begin by describing his/her personality then you move to describe his/her physical appearance.

You may also add what is special about that person

Concluding Sentence

It is the last sentence in your paragraph where you rephrase what you said in your Topic Sentence

An Example of a Descriptive Paragraph

(Topic Sentence) Bob is my best friend at school. (Supporting Sentences: Physical Appearance) I’ve known him since primary school. He is a tall person with a strong body. He has a round face with brown eyes. His hair is black and curly. Though he is young, he looks older than his age because of some wrinkles he has in his face. He also has dimples on his cheeks which makes him look handsome. Bob usually wears casual clothes. He is not keen on brands and fashion. (Supporting Sentences: Personality)As for his personality, Bob is a shy and introverted person. He does not like being around with people. He is a brainy guy. We call him the geek because of his love for IT. Not to mention that he is an honest and trustworthy person. (Concluding Sentence) To sum up, Bob is one of the people I admire most.


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