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Gateway 1 unit 6 : health and welfare

health and welfare
health and welfare


Gateway 1 unit 6: health and welfare

Vocabulary of the unit

1-      Neck

2-      Ches

t3-      Ear

4-      Throat

5-      Heel

6-      Shoulder

7-      Head

8-      Back

9-      Hip

10-   Eye

11-   Arm

12-   Wrist

13-   Leg

14-   Stomach

15-   Waist

16-   Elbow

17-   Knee

18-   Toes

19-   Foot

20-   thigh


Functions : Expressing complaints

·         I have a complain about……

·         Sorry to say it ,but you ….

·         enough is enough

·         I’ve been patient  long enough , but …

·         I am not satisfied with the way ….


Grammar: conditional type 0 / 1

  • Conditional type 0

Use :

Cond 0 is used to expresses real and general truth such as scientific fact .

[ If + subject + present simple ] + [ subject + present simple ]

Ex :   If you boil it becomes heat

People get fat if they eat junk food


  • Conditional type 1

Use :

Cond 1 is used to express possible situation is present or future

[if + subject + present simple]+[subject + future simple ]

If clause Main clause
If you read this book You will fin dit interesting
If He has money He will travel around the world


Grammar : MODALS

Present form Past form Function Examples
Can-may Could-might Possibility We can attend the show if you  have  time
Should Advice People with obesity should practise sports
Will Would Requesting assistance Will you lend  me your book
Would rather Showing preferences I’d rather choose this t-shirt than that one
Have to , must Had to Obligation/certainty Students have to respect school rules
Ought to/should Advisability You ought to revise your lessons before the test
Needn’t Absence of necessity You needn’t bring your umbrella ,it’s sunny
Don’t have to, mustn’t Didn’t have to lack of necessity and prohibition They mustn’t cheat in the exam
Must Must have+past participle Certainty Her face is pale , she must be sick
Can-may Can/could+past participleMay/might+past participle probability He didn’t come to school today, he may be ill


Writing : personal / informal letter

download the lesson to see the writing session

Download this Lesson : HEALTH AND WELFARE


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