writing tips

writing tips
writing tips

Below are tips that aim at helping students write intelligently.they are the outcome of many years of studying and teaching English .

  1. Before you write , Read the topic carefully and try to understand what you are asked for .
  2. Remember : it’s not important how long your essay is , but rather how relevant and well-organised it is .
  3. Underline the key words in the topic .
  4. Never rush into writing your paragraph / essay directly .
  5. Write down  any idea that come to your mind about the topic .
  6. Make an outline of your topic .
  7. Choose the most relevant ideas from the ideas you jotted down before .
  8. Write the first draft of your paragraph / essay .
  9. Revise your first draft ; add any other ideas ; delete some ; re-order another .
  10. Use appropriate linking words .
  11. Organise your essay into paragraphs . each paragraph must have a topic sentence and helping sentences with examples , causes and
    arguments .
  12. Check any grammatical  , spelling , punctuation mistakes .
  13. Write clearly and neatly . in other words make your hand writing illegible .rewrite the final draft of your paragraph / essay .



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